It is surprising why some people still deny the efficiency of such an ancient discipline, which is called the mother of medicine, as astrology. Indeed, even official science has long confirmed, for example, that the Moon, which occupies a very important role in astrology, affects a person not only at the physical level, but also affects the psyche and its emotional state. Everyone knows that in the days of the full moon and new moon, the number of accidents and crimes increases significantly due to the mental instability of people exposed to these phenomena. The moon is the most mobile celestial body that is used in astrology. The moon is correlated with the unconscious, as it is a night light. Its main principle is adaptation, therefore, attributes such as flexibility and variability are attributed to it. According to the location of the moon in a personal horoscope, one can conclude about such things as a comfort zone, personal relaxation methods, relationships with one’s mother and one’s own attitude to motherhood, about how a person generally feels in the world and much more. She is very significant especially in the female birth chart.